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Bory Aims

to Become Bratislava’s New City Part

The project name ‘BORY’ derives from the local names of its location. The area between the Small Karpaty and Morava River is called the Borská lowland, and is historically known as where pine-trees (borovice) - bory - grow.

The BORY project aims to become Bratislava’s new city part, significantly widening the city north-west and bringing the local area shopping and leisure opportunities that had hitherto been lacking. This is the first development of this scale in Slovakia.

This project combines unique shopping opportunities, a place for relaxation, community facilities, and residential areas.

It has been implemented in two stages over 155 hectares. It comprises a commercial zone - BORY RETAIL ZONE, shopping and leisure time centre BORY MALL, and residential area BORY HOME which is under preparation.

1st stage:

The total investment connected with land preparation and BORY MALL construction was EUR 300 million. Shopping and leisure centre BORY MALL opened autumn 2014.

BORY RETAIL ZONE is a commercial zone where up to 25 large capacity business operations can develop over time. Currently METRO, HORNBACH, MERKURY MARKET, DECATHLON and SHELL are operating, with a further six opening soon.

2nd stage:

This new residential area will provide stylish and modern living with community facilities, abundant green areas, children’s playgrounds, and problem-free parking. With great transport accessibility to Bratislava city centre and the Small Karpaty nature nearby, this is the perfect location for family living.

Project BORY benefits from excellent accessibility by personal, city and regional transport.

The BORY project is between Lamač, Dúbravka, Devínska Nová Ves and Záhorská Bystrica in the north-west of Bratislava.

This area is known as the Borská lowland. This excellent location is easily accessible for Bratislava’s residents and those from the north-west of the capital.

The project is situated next to the D2 highway that connects Bratislava with Brno and Prague, with highway connections to Vienna and Budapest.

The highway shortens the journey between Bratislava city centre and the BORY project to just 10 minutes.

Project BORY expects a junction to be developed incorporating railway, tram and buses of regional and city public transport all in one place.

The nearest sub-region (within 5 minutes by car) of the BORY project has over 100,000 residents.



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